Wednesday, January 20, 2016



It started as a mild breeze becoming that wind passing all over me. What do we know about this wind, the wind of spirituality ? The wind blows wherever He wishes, I can hear the sound it makes. I know that He is somewhere there with the winnowing wheel to blow away chaffs from me.

The wind of this divine spirit gradually became a storm and taken away my mind and thoughts with it. The storm now became a tempest and even blown away my body. Now I stand bare ! What remains of me is what 'It' remains; the true self ; the eternal substance by which I am created-                                                                    the likeness of Him

A cube of ice in a hot sun. I can feel the heat of love and mercy emitting from  His sacred heart.The flame of love and divine mercy melts me. The flame became a fire and incinerated my thoughts and mind. It is now an inferno and even evaporated my body. Now I stand bare ; what remains of me is what 'It' remains ; the true self ; the eternal substance by which I am created - the likeness of Him !

If it is a dream then let it be real by His grace.

By John P K

Inspiration : 1) Holy Bible Mathew 3:12, john 3:8, Genesis 2:27
2) The Gospel of Shri Ramakrishna.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Salt is associated with us from the very beginning of our civilization. It was added not only to season food but also to preserve it. In the ancient times the meat or fish was preserved by applying salt over it. In biblical period salt was very important as a preservative, highly valued, and once even considered by Romans as a form of currency.

This was the back ground in ancient times when Jesus asked his disciples to be the salt of the earth to preserve the society from moral decay. The saltiness  was the holiness to be maintained in them which will act as a preservative for goodness in all man kind. But if they themselves lose their saltiness/holiness then how are they going to preserve the society from moral decay? They become worthless for its intended purpose. In old testament we see Noah, the only good man of his time, had no moral faults . He was the salt of the earth of his days preserving creation from total annihilation. Again further down the biblical history we can see the story of the destruction of the ancient city of Sodom. The city could not produce even ten innocent person to save it from the wrath of God. None of them had saltiness in them to preserve the on going population, hence they decayed and were only fit to be trampled under foot.

In recent times Mother Theresa of Kolkata, St. Alphonsa of Bharanamganam, Shri Narayana Guru of Kerala, Shri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, and Swami Vivekananda, were all 'Salts of the earth' which can be remembered, so that our society is preserved from decaying further.

The disciples of the Christ, or for that matter, the followers of any true spiritual leader should be 'salt of the earth' and keep themselves without losing their saltiness. "You are like salt for all man kind. But if salt loses its saltiness, there is no way to make it salty again. it has become worthless, so it is thrown out and people trample on it " ( Teachings of Jesus, Mathew 5.13 )

John P.K


Thursday, August 8, 2013


Our father in heaven, holy be your name. Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven”

Let us meditate on such a beautiful and meaningful prayer to lift our thoughts to the pure existence of the undivided supreme consciousness

Our father..! Who is our father ? The answer lies within us. The whole universe answers this question. To find it we should go in to our inner self and to the real nature of the universe. Then we can understand that there should be a source of origin from where this whole universe and all its beings emerges, and a medium in which it exists and to where it merges again after its disintegration. Everything exists in Him, without Him nothing exists. The power, energy, forms and formless are His various manifestations. He is who becomes everything, the universe and all its living beings. He is the true existence in everything and all pervading. He is in us as our true self. What else can such an entity be called but as 'our father' ? He is our father, father of the whole universe. If we know our true self, then we know our father.“If you really know me, you would know my father as well.”

Our father in heaven ! Heaven is there where our father is. Whatever we see and understand by our sense organs are relative and not absolute. This can be perceived only by spiritual eyes. But how can one transcend the worldly barriers and reach this absolute truth ? Are there any gates to the other side ? Yes, God incarnates are the gates ! Pass through that gate. They are in front of us as a transparent gate so that we can enter. Pass through them to enter the heaven of pure consciousness, from relative to absolute truth ! “I am the gate.” Once entered, the difference can be experienced, we can find ourselves immersed in heavenly peace as promised ! Come in and go out as many time through them till we do not want to return back from this undivided supreme consciousness, the heaven ! Then we are in heaven where our father is!

Our father in heaven, holy be your name ! What is His name ? Why is the name not mentioned ? As He is who become everything hence all names are His names so no name is given. He is all pervading one undivided supreme consciousness; a given name can be inclusive of only of partial aspects but it exclude Him from the other aspects. None of His aspects can be excluded as He is all pervading, complete and perfect; hence no name can truly express Him as a whole, no name can contain Him in fullness, and no name can limit Him. He is beyond the dimensions of the names and expressions! Hence no name is given. 'He is who He is'. Holy be His name who have no name! But if you can not understand this call Him by any name, He understands you, and gradually lift you up to the state of namelessness. If our father is not limited to any name, naturally His children can not be bonded by any names. What is the name of our true self, the inner consciousness ? No name ! Name gives the sense of individuality. It separate us from other beings. The individuality make us shrink ourselves to the shell of our ego, and then we can not expand. If there is no sense of our names, then there will be no ignorance of individuality, no ego; then we can come out of the limitations to expand ourselves to the undivided one universal consciousness of “One body and one soul.” No name for our true self. What it exists, as it exist. Holy be His name who have no name !   or all the names called by devotees are His !

Our father in heaven, holy be your name. Your kingdom come” ! Let the kingdom of His undivided pure consciousness come to us and conquer our mind. His kingdom will liberate us from the evil forces of this sensual world. Doors of our confinement will be forced open, and shackles holding us to this world will be cut off and thrown out by the soldiers of His kingdom. It will liberate us from bondage. Let Your kingdom come !

Our father in heaven, holy be your name. Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven” When whatever is in His will is in our will, and whatever is not His will also not our will, then His will be on earth as it is in heaven. His will is universal, and heavenly as it exist pure and free; it is free from hatred, enmity, jealousy, prejudices, lust, greed, ego, name, fame, desires, anxiety and worries. When our will become free from all these bondages, our will become pure  as His will in heaven, our will be His will, and His will be on earth as it is in heaven.

Let us meditate on such a beautiful and meaningful prayer to lift up our thoughts to  Our universal father !

Our father in heaven, holy be your name. Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven !”


John P.K

a} Holy Bible
    Mathew 6: 9-10, John 10: 9-11, John 14:7, Exodus 3:14

b} The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna

Saturday, July 20, 2013


Gazing at the Crucifix can I pray earnestly to cure my back pain? How hard is my mind to make such a prayer to a man going through His last agony ! What makes me think that He is being crucified to ease my back pain? In making such a prayer I can find myself amongst the people who fell on their knees, and bowed down to mock Him at Golgotha.

He is paying the price to annihilate the consequences of our past Karmas ! Forgive our sins ! Pray Him nothing but forgiveness of our sins as that is the only reason He  hangs on the Cross. Other prayers before the Crucifix serves only to mock Him.

Gazing at the Crucifix can I pray for relief from my financial problems and to amass more wealth ? How hard is my mind to make such a prayer to a man going through His last agony ! What makes me think that He is being crucified for the betterment of my financial positions ? In making such a prayer I can find  myself amongst the people who divided His clothes among themselves, throwing dice to see who would get the better piece..

He is paying the price to annihilate the consequences of our past Karmas ! Forgive our sins ! Pray Him nothing but forgiveness of our sins as that is the only reason He hangs on the Cross. Other prayers before the crucifix serves only to jeer Him.

Gazing at the Crucifix can I pray for the well beings of my children ? How hard is my mind to make such a prayer to a man going through His last agony ! What makes me think that He is being crucified for the good education and better earnings for my children ? In making such a prayer I can find myself amongst the people who spat on him at Golgotha.

He is paying the price to annihilate the consequences of our past karmas ! Forgive our sins ! Pray Him nothing but forgiveness of our sins as that is the only reason He hangs on the Cross. Other prayers before the crucifix serves only to spit at Him.

Gazing at the crucifix can I pray for saving me from the adverse situations which I place myself in to satisfy my ego, lust and desire. How hard is my mind to make such a prayer to a man going through His last agony ! What makes me think that He is being crucified to make my sensual kingdom enjoyable in this world ? In making such a prayer I can find myself in the place of the thief at his left on Golgotha.

He is paying the price to annihilate the consequences of our past karmas ! Forgive our sins ! Pray Him nothing but forgiveness of our sins as that is the only reason He is hanging on the Cross. Other prayers before the crucifix serves only to challenge Him.

Pray for His grace that we will not be amongst those who tortured Him, nailed Him, pierced Him, mocked Him, jeered Him, challenged him and hanged Him at Golgotha.

'Who do you say that I am?' and why do you think that I am hanging on the Cross ?

John P.K

 Pranam to His Holiness ' Paramaguru ' the ultimate teacher, my Lord my God !

Saturday, July 6, 2013


This is in tune with our earlier post FAITH, BELIEF AND RELIGION published earlier in this blog .Here we are again briefly discussing belief and faith in the light of teachings by various spiritual giants. Pranam to all of them.

Let us look in to belief. What is belief ? If we know that there is truth somewhere and not realized ourselves, then it is only a belief. In many occasions the realization of others are explained to us which become belief in us. Belief become faith only if realized the truth by ourselves. We heard about it, read about it or conveyed to us from the source we feel as reliable, So we believe. Belief is good only if we can make it as a stepping stone or launching pad to faith. It can make us to seek the truth.   If we do not believe that there is an Antarctica somewhere, how do we intend to go there ?

What is faith ? The pure mind seeks and find the real self, the nature of which is pure existence, the Self realization of the truth is the faith. Truth is revealed to us. We do not need any explanations or proof from any other source to support it as we realized it by ourselves. Faith can move mountains. It is self supporting as truth needs no crutches to stand. Faith is limited only to what we realized by ourselves. In general, we can come to an understanding that the the truth realized by ourselves is the faith, and whatever explained to us by others about this truth becomes our belief.  

And belief can be a stepping stone to the faith.All incarnations have realised the Truth and are in truth . Belive them,and trust them to travel their way. With faith in Truth,they are showing us the way to make Truth as our own realisation. Then our faith  will be complete as it is now realised by us. Now, it is our Truth!

"We will know the Truth, and Truth will make us free" 

Believers, be faithful to the Truth!

John P.K 

My Humble Pranamam to our Lord Jesus Christ, Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and Swami Vivekananda for their teachings and enlightening us.

Holy Bible. John8:32

Sunday, June 30, 2013



We are trying to go in to the subject of love and its relation to virtue & sin. First let us examine love. It is known to all that love is divine and whatever is divine can originate only from divinity. Whatever originates from divinity is pure. This pure love do not seek pleasures or benefits, do not demand returns, do not put conditions, do not trade, do not compare, do not judge, do not possess and do not differentiate. Love for loves sake, universal selfless love. This is the pure love by which divinity is to be loved, because He is pure. The core of this is that all the love emanating from divinity is reflected on us and we return it back to  divinity in totality. It is a to and fro movement.  None of its rays are to be deflected elsewhere, but to be reflected back to its origin. Because whatever begin from divinity should end in divinity. Then its circle completes with no beginning and end, and the cycle continues. This process is called loving our God.

It may be possible for the Sanyasis to reflect all the rays of love back to its origin. Then what about we house holders? If all the love is returned to its source, then what remains with us to love our parents, spouse, children, neighbors, other beings and creations? Yes, it is a good question. How to overcome this? Let the rays of our Pure love pass through parents, children, neighbors, other beings and creations to its divine origin as though passing through a transparent medium. It should not rest on them, but pass through them to its divine source. Here also whatever begins from Him ends in Him. The cycle completes. It is immense joy to reach our God by loving through our relatives, neighbors, and other beings. That is compassion. Even if you do not agree with me, try to go through this, may be as an attempt to prove me wrong, this experience of pure love reflecting back to its divine source in totality through your loved ones and through other creations may open new dimensions to your life.

Understanding of this pure love and “Loving the lord our God with all our heart, with all our soul, with all our mind and with all our strength ” is as good as knowing all the scriptures so far written and shall be written. Nothing more to be known. Awareness of it is also as good as hearing the discourses of all spiritual giants of past and future. Because the essence of all their teachings is this divine love, nothing else. That is not changed since time immemorial and will not change for time yet to come, though the world may change. Now we are trying to understand the love and its movements. 

Then what is virtue ? Is there any other virtue than loving God ? There is only one virtue in this world, love God with all our strength, by reflecting all our love back to its divine source. What are the other Virtues ? There is no other virtue except this. Goodness, compassion, charity, loving other beings or any other positive attitudes and actions are the effect of this virtue. It is the manifested symptoms of love. Remove this love and see, then along with that all the goodness will disappear. There is only one virtue as loving God, others are its effects.

There is only this pure love in the world, this is the motive force behind all the thoughts and actions, that is why it is said that Love is God. If we agree to that, then how come there are hatred, enmity, negative thoughts and its adverse actions? By analyzing closely, it can be observed that hatred, enmity or negative thoughts and its actions are the results of the same love ill directed to wrong destinations, not directed back to its original source of divinity, means not loving God.

 This is sin and this is the only sin in the world, not to love divine God with all our strength, as a result our love is ill directed and not reflected back to its divine source, but deflected elsewhere, not passing through, but  allowed to rest in our ego, relatives and possessions. What are the other sins? There is no other sin except this. This is the one and only cause. All others are it's  manifested symptoms: selfishness, cheating, hatred, rape, murder and other negative thoughts and actions. The intensity and gravity of the symptoms are the indications of how far we have gone away from this divine love, how far away it is ill directed and deflected. The more we are away from God, the more the severity of its symptoms. Treat the cause, the symptoms will disappear.

So,there is only one virtue and one sin in the world, that is to love or not to love our God. Positive or negative thoughts, actions and effects are its manifested symptoms.The symptoms can lead us to the cause. Address the cause, that is love, it is everything.

john P.K


Inspirations: Teachings of His Holiness Paramaguru, the ultimate Teacher, my Lord, my God !


Friday, June 21, 2013


Let us begin an inward journey within ourselves, in search of  inner peace and tranquility.

It is easy to understand that we have a body and an entity along with it called mind comprising of our desires intelligence, thoughts, ego and much more. It is based on this mind and body that we are identified. It is the mind which says “me”, “I”,'mine” and 'I want that' etc. Outside the mind there is our body through which desires and sensual objectives of the mind are fulfilled. But behind the mind there is  a pure existence, inner most consciousness, which desires nothing. This will be revealed only to the persistent seeker. We can call this as an image of God, presence of Almighty, inner most consciousness or Atma. No name is a name for it, but let us call it as 'Pure existence' for the purpose of discussion, since over a period of time other names acquired different meaning for different people. This pure existence is the real nature of our self. So we comprise of three different entities-Pure existence, mind and body.

Let us try to understand the pure existence. Keep the body still, close the eyes, observe the mind inwardly. Here the observer and the observed are the same. Mind is observing the mind and beyond. We will be able to see a calm, silent, and peaceful existence within us, but beyond the mind. Initially this feeling may be for a few seconds and mind which is observing may again go back to its outward activities. No need to worry. When awareness grows this time will increase and finally become timeless. Some of us may initially see only darkness, It is because we are not yet a light to ourselves, but in the absence of light also the existence of this calmness, silence and stillness in us can be sensed. Because it is an eternal living power house which can not be hidden by darkness. It desires nothing, it does not own any name, no lust, hatred or ego and free from attachments and beyond temptations. This is our true self, our true existence - that what exists.

So, now we know that we comprise of Pure existence, mind and body. Let us analyse the relation between them. Desires and ego is in our mind. Pure existence desires nothing, but mind desires worldly pleasures and try to accomplish these desires through the body. Many of these requirements are beyond the capability of body. Body also has to face consequences of action carried by it to fulfill the desires of the mind. Though the body has its own intelligence for carrying out basic requirements of breathing etc.. it is mainly under the power of mind to do its bidding's. So,there is conflict. There is always this conflict between pure existence which desires nothing, mind desires of sensual enjoyments and body which is not able to fulfill many fantasies of the mind. This conflict inside us is projected and reflected on the external world. There will be no peace and tranquillity where there are inner conflicts. The external world is the result of the internal conflict or tranquillity that happen inside each and every being. It goes on like this, conflicts within us and conflicts out of us
So where is the tranquillity and the peace promised to us? How to overcome this conflicts ? Only way is to synchronize the mind and body with the pure existence. Bring all these three beings face to face with each other in a straight line. For that, mind is to be uplifted to the level of the 'pure existence' behind it. Empty the mind with all its desires and ego. Purify it from all attachments. Then body will have lesser work to do as mind desires nothing from this world. At this stage the purified mind and pure body comes in a straight line with the 'pure existence'. They see each other face to face. None of these three desires anything. There is no conflict of interests. The balance is perfect. The Pure mind can always see Pure existence and vice verse. Happy are those who are pure in their mind. The Kingdom of heaven has come to us. We can feel the flow of the pure existence to us, flow of life giving water to our mind which we so far considered as 'I' . This 'I' get dissolved in the pure existence to the extent that the 'I' is no longer visible. It lives in the pure existence and pure existence lives in it. I am in Him, and He is in me. Finally it comes to a stage where only He, He alone exists. Only a shadow of 'I' may remain there to meet the minimum basic requirements. Mind is filled with pure existence and becomes One with it. Then there will be harmony. Silence and peace will prevail.

There will be no conflict where all the three entities of the true self, mind and body are in perfect balance. At this stage the conflict out side of us is not a conflict as far as we are concerned as we are detached from it.

Peace prevails where there are no conflicts. This is the inner peace promised which is not of this world. Grab it. It is within our hand's distance!

Thy Kingdom come!

It is clear to me, hope I am making it clear. Else dive deep in to the inner self to discover it yourself!

John P.K

Inspirations : Teachings of His Holiness Paramaguru, ultimate teacher, my Lord my God !