Saturday, July 6, 2013


This is in tune with our earlier post FAITH, BELIEF AND RELIGION published earlier in this blog .Here we are again briefly discussing belief and faith in the light of teachings by various spiritual giants. Pranam to all of them.

Let us look in to belief. What is belief ? If we know that there is truth somewhere and not realized ourselves, then it is only a belief. In many occasions the realization of others are explained to us which become belief in us. Belief become faith only if realized the truth by ourselves. We heard about it, read about it or conveyed to us from the source we feel as reliable, So we believe. Belief is good only if we can make it as a stepping stone or launching pad to faith. It can make us to seek the truth.   If we do not believe that there is an Antarctica somewhere, how do we intend to go there ?

What is faith ? The pure mind seeks and find the real self, the nature of which is pure existence, the Self realization of the truth is the faith. Truth is revealed to us. We do not need any explanations or proof from any other source to support it as we realized it by ourselves. Faith can move mountains. It is self supporting as truth needs no crutches to stand. Faith is limited only to what we realized by ourselves. In general, we can come to an understanding that the the truth realized by ourselves is the faith, and whatever explained to us by others about this truth becomes our belief.  

And belief can be a stepping stone to the faith.All incarnations have realised the Truth and are in truth . Belive them,and trust them to travel their way. With faith in Truth,they are showing us the way to make Truth as our own realisation. Then our faith  will be complete as it is now realised by us. Now, it is our Truth!

"We will know the Truth, and Truth will make us free" 

Believers, be faithful to the Truth!

John P.K 

My Humble Pranamam to our Lord Jesus Christ, Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and Swami Vivekananda for their teachings and enlightening us.

Holy Bible. John8:32

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