Friday, June 21, 2013


Let us begin an inward journey within ourselves, in search of  inner peace and tranquility.

It is easy to understand that we have a body and an entity along with it called mind comprising of our desires intelligence, thoughts, ego and much more. It is based on this mind and body that we are identified. It is the mind which says “me”, “I”,'mine” and 'I want that' etc. Outside the mind there is our body through which desires and sensual objectives of the mind are fulfilled. But behind the mind there is  a pure existence, inner most consciousness, which desires nothing. This will be revealed only to the persistent seeker. We can call this as an image of God, presence of Almighty, inner most consciousness or Atma. No name is a name for it, but let us call it as 'Pure existence' for the purpose of discussion, since over a period of time other names acquired different meaning for different people. This pure existence is the real nature of our self. So we comprise of three different entities-Pure existence, mind and body.

Let us try to understand the pure existence. Keep the body still, close the eyes, observe the mind inwardly. Here the observer and the observed are the same. Mind is observing the mind and beyond. We will be able to see a calm, silent, and peaceful existence within us, but beyond the mind. Initially this feeling may be for a few seconds and mind which is observing may again go back to its outward activities. No need to worry. When awareness grows this time will increase and finally become timeless. Some of us may initially see only darkness, It is because we are not yet a light to ourselves, but in the absence of light also the existence of this calmness, silence and stillness in us can be sensed. Because it is an eternal living power house which can not be hidden by darkness. It desires nothing, it does not own any name, no lust, hatred or ego and free from attachments and beyond temptations. This is our true self, our true existence - that what exists.

So, now we know that we comprise of Pure existence, mind and body. Let us analyse the relation between them. Desires and ego is in our mind. Pure existence desires nothing, but mind desires worldly pleasures and try to accomplish these desires through the body. Many of these requirements are beyond the capability of body. Body also has to face consequences of action carried by it to fulfill the desires of the mind. Though the body has its own intelligence for carrying out basic requirements of breathing etc.. it is mainly under the power of mind to do its bidding's. So,there is conflict. There is always this conflict between pure existence which desires nothing, mind desires of sensual enjoyments and body which is not able to fulfill many fantasies of the mind. This conflict inside us is projected and reflected on the external world. There will be no peace and tranquillity where there are inner conflicts. The external world is the result of the internal conflict or tranquillity that happen inside each and every being. It goes on like this, conflicts within us and conflicts out of us
So where is the tranquillity and the peace promised to us? How to overcome this conflicts ? Only way is to synchronize the mind and body with the pure existence. Bring all these three beings face to face with each other in a straight line. For that, mind is to be uplifted to the level of the 'pure existence' behind it. Empty the mind with all its desires and ego. Purify it from all attachments. Then body will have lesser work to do as mind desires nothing from this world. At this stage the purified mind and pure body comes in a straight line with the 'pure existence'. They see each other face to face. None of these three desires anything. There is no conflict of interests. The balance is perfect. The Pure mind can always see Pure existence and vice verse. Happy are those who are pure in their mind. The Kingdom of heaven has come to us. We can feel the flow of the pure existence to us, flow of life giving water to our mind which we so far considered as 'I' . This 'I' get dissolved in the pure existence to the extent that the 'I' is no longer visible. It lives in the pure existence and pure existence lives in it. I am in Him, and He is in me. Finally it comes to a stage where only He, He alone exists. Only a shadow of 'I' may remain there to meet the minimum basic requirements. Mind is filled with pure existence and becomes One with it. Then there will be harmony. Silence and peace will prevail.

There will be no conflict where all the three entities of the true self, mind and body are in perfect balance. At this stage the conflict out side of us is not a conflict as far as we are concerned as we are detached from it.

Peace prevails where there are no conflicts. This is the inner peace promised which is not of this world. Grab it. It is within our hand's distance!

Thy Kingdom come!

It is clear to me, hope I am making it clear. Else dive deep in to the inner self to discover it yourself!

John P.K

Inspirations : Teachings of His Holiness Paramaguru, ultimate teacher, my Lord my God !

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