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We are trying to go in to the subject of love and its relation to virtue & sin. First let us examine love. It is known to all that love is divine and whatever is divine can originate only from divinity. Whatever originates from divinity is pure. This pure love do not seek pleasures or benefits, do not demand returns, do not put conditions, do not trade, do not compare, do not judge, do not possess and do not differentiate. Love for loves sake, universal selfless love. This is the pure love by which divinity is to be loved, because He is pure. The core of this is that all the love emanating from divinity is reflected on us and we return it back to  divinity in totality. It is a to and fro movement.  None of its rays are to be deflected elsewhere, but to be reflected back to its origin. Because whatever begin from divinity should end in divinity. Then its circle completes with no beginning and end, and the cycle continues. This process is called loving our God.

It may be possible for the Sanyasis to reflect all the rays of love back to its origin. Then what about we house holders? If all the love is returned to its source, then what remains with us to love our parents, spouse, children, neighbors, other beings and creations? Yes, it is a good question. How to overcome this? Let the rays of our Pure love pass through parents, children, neighbors, other beings and creations to its divine origin as though passing through a transparent medium. It should not rest on them, but pass through them to its divine source. Here also whatever begins from Him ends in Him. The cycle completes. It is immense joy to reach our God by loving through our relatives, neighbors, and other beings. That is compassion. Even if you do not agree with me, try to go through this, may be as an attempt to prove me wrong, this experience of pure love reflecting back to its divine source in totality through your loved ones and through other creations may open new dimensions to your life.

Understanding of this pure love and “Loving the lord our God with all our heart, with all our soul, with all our mind and with all our strength ” is as good as knowing all the scriptures so far written and shall be written. Nothing more to be known. Awareness of it is also as good as hearing the discourses of all spiritual giants of past and future. Because the essence of all their teachings is this divine love, nothing else. That is not changed since time immemorial and will not change for time yet to come, though the world may change. Now we are trying to understand the love and its movements. 

Then what is virtue ? Is there any other virtue than loving God ? There is only one virtue in this world, love God with all our strength, by reflecting all our love back to its divine source. What are the other Virtues ? There is no other virtue except this. Goodness, compassion, charity, loving other beings or any other positive attitudes and actions are the effect of this virtue. It is the manifested symptoms of love. Remove this love and see, then along with that all the goodness will disappear. There is only one virtue as loving God, others are its effects.

There is only this pure love in the world, this is the motive force behind all the thoughts and actions, that is why it is said that Love is God. If we agree to that, then how come there are hatred, enmity, negative thoughts and its adverse actions? By analyzing closely, it can be observed that hatred, enmity or negative thoughts and its actions are the results of the same love ill directed to wrong destinations, not directed back to its original source of divinity, means not loving God.

 This is sin and this is the only sin in the world, not to love divine God with all our strength, as a result our love is ill directed and not reflected back to its divine source, but deflected elsewhere, not passing through, but  allowed to rest in our ego, relatives and possessions. What are the other sins? There is no other sin except this. This is the one and only cause. All others are it's  manifested symptoms: selfishness, cheating, hatred, rape, murder and other negative thoughts and actions. The intensity and gravity of the symptoms are the indications of how far we have gone away from this divine love, how far away it is ill directed and deflected. The more we are away from God, the more the severity of its symptoms. Treat the cause, the symptoms will disappear.

So,there is only one virtue and one sin in the world, that is to love or not to love our God. Positive or negative thoughts, actions and effects are its manifested symptoms.The symptoms can lead us to the cause. Address the cause, that is love, it is everything.

john P.K


Inspirations: Teachings of His Holiness Paramaguru, the ultimate Teacher, my Lord, my God !


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