Wednesday, April 17, 2013


We know that the primary concern of all living beings are of their daily bread and to protect themselves from evil or enemies. Prayer to 'our father in heaven' is very apt and convey this prime concerns. All the living beings from Amoebae to the humans,consciously or unconsciously, knowingly or unknowingly are having only the same basic prayer 'Give us today our daily bread,and deliver us from evil' When we come to our daily bread it can be observed that a big wheel of food cycle is in motion,and there are several smaller wheels inside this,interacting and intervening with each other in cyclic rotations providing food to everybody. All the living organisms including unicellular to the humans can be fitted somewhere in this enormous cycle. It is a mind boggling food cycle intricately balanced and beyond our comprehensions.

A simple food cycle can be examined. The worms are eagerly looking at the tiger to eat him as soon as he falls dead, a mouse looking forward to eat the worms, a snake after the mouse, behind is a mongoose to eat snake, a wolf to catch the mongoose, behind is a tiger to devour the wolf, and ultimately the worm waiting to eat Tiger when it falls dead.The chain goes on, and the cycle completes somewhere. And everybody praying the same prayer of Give us our daily bread, and deliver us from evil.The mouse do not see evil in himself when he try to eat worm, but definitely see evil in snake who try to eat him. Similarly the Mongoose, wolf , tiger and so on... Live and let live can be implemented at the peril of ones survival.If any body is delivered from evil, means others are deprived of food which is again an evil. Here who is evil, and who is not? Though the action is same the perception about Good and evil changes from the point from where it is looked. The poor snake find no evil in eating his daily mouse to sustain, and thanks God for providing such a delicious food. He do not think any enmity towards the mouse as he naturally loves good food, but in contrary mouse see evil in snake, and pray God to protect him from this evil. Whose prayer to be answered? It so happened that each of them eat those who are in front of this chain, to become themselves more fat and presentable as a delicious food for those who are behind them. Only Maya can enact such a hilarious play !

Every body is there to eat and to be eaten. Is the worm eaten by the mouse become one with the mouse? The mouse eaten by the snake become one with the snake? And this line goes on...and finally the tiger eaten by the worm become one with the worm? Is it a vicious cycle? Who is eating who? Is it ultimately self eating self? Those who are eating and eaten are one and the same? What is evil and good? One eating food find no evil in his eating and others find evil in the same act. Evil and goodness changes according to the position of the observer. Hence, evil and goodness are not absolute, but relative. Or is the evil and goodness are one and the same and the difference is only when it looked from different positions.

When the mouse looks forward he see his daily bread in the worm, and when he looks behind he finds death in the form of snake, like wise with all living beings.It is one of the surprising aspects of the life that everybody only looks forward, and not looking behind! Only God knows when our time is up! When the time comes, Eater will be eaten. Meanwhile we can thank God for presenting our daily bread, and love our food in front of us,also try to look behind,and love the beings to whom we are finally to be fed. Pray to them to love us as we ourselves loved our food.

Till that time let us earnestly pray to 'Give us our daily bread, and protect us from evil, Amen.' 

John P.K


Note : But those who realizes that they are the souls, and not their body or ego, they never die, as soul never die, hence will not be eaten, and will live for ever!


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